Quality Control System

The most important indexes of the world; It creates quality indicators by rating journals, academics, the academic structure of countries and universities.

The most important need of many families and people who request education is not being able to meet with the right trainer. Most of the platforms opened for needs such as private lessons, mentoring and coaching only provide services for users to register to the environment. This creates problems in the trust of people who will request services. The first is material losses, and the second is time losses. This is a problem that is always complained about as a very serious and unsolvable problem.

GiftEduPoint has created the most effective platform for solving this problem. Instructors are reviewed by the GiftEduPoint Team during their registration process. Many documents are requested for the admission of the trainers to the platform, their accuracy is checked, and interviews are held with the trainers. GiftedEduPoint makes agreements with trainers for service quality and with trainers that it believes have the same understanding of its principles. These agreements include elements such as transparency, minimum weekly student admission, commitment to self-improvement, compliance with ethical and moral rules, and documentation that they have taken the necessary precautions during the epidemic.

Finally, the trainers/mentors are accepted to the platform. With the acceptance of the trainers to the platform, their entry into the quality control system begins. Instructors/mentors are subject to a 4-level scoring system by this system. Instructors/mentors receiving trainings such as gifted student education, effective mentoring and tutoring are reflected in the scores that will affect the determination of their quality level. In addition, the number of likes and positive comments given by the client (trainees) are automatically updated monthly by the algorithm of the Quality Evaluation System. Levels based on Instructor Scores are available to the instructor with certain restrictions. For example, Q4 level is the lowest level and they do not have the authority to text and make appointments.

Problems encountered with trainers/mentors are reported directly to our team. Our team takes the necessary measures regarding these problems within 3 working days at the latest.

All these quality assessment system measures are continuously being developed by the GiftEduPoint Team.