Be a Mentor

Why Should I Become a Mentor on the GiftEduPoint Platform?


Mentoring is stated as the most effective instructional strategy in gifted education. Mentoring strategy;

* Supporting long-term relationship development

* enabling the student to discover his/her talent area

* Developing self-regulation skills

* Provide first-hand experience from experienced people

* Supports emotion regulation

* Does not include the boringness of teaching (not like tutoring)


Today, the different version of the mentoring strategy for gifted children is the e-mentoring strategy. Gifted Education Program: Bridge with University (GEPUB), developed by Tortop (2013, 2021), constitutes the basic philosophy of the GiftEduPoint platform.


Thanks to the GiftEduPoint platform, experts working in the field of gifted education, talent training, successful people in any talent field, educators will now be able to serve as mentors. The GiftEduPoint platform is the only platform in the world that is a quality monitoring system for all mentors, students and families who care about gifted children and talent development.


Mentors on this platform;

* They can publish columns

* They can share their educational-instructional content

* They can share their videos

* They can open courses related to their field of mentoring.

* They can message, make appointments and provide mentoring services with the client-mentees.


With all these opportunities, we invite you to the only meeting point in the world of gifted children and their families.


GiftEduPoint Team

London, UK



Tortop, H.S. (2013). Tortop, H. S. (2013). A new model program for academically gifted students in Turkey: Overview of the education program for the gifted students’ bridge with university (EPGBU). Journal for the Education of the Young Scientist and Giftedness, 1(2), 21-31.

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