About Us

Our aim

giftedupoint.com has been created to offer you a very important service in the context of individualization of education in the world. It monitors the tutor/mentor quality control system 24/7 with its expert and experienced team. It supports especially gifted individuals with its lively and dynamic structure and constantly improving features.


Mission and Vision

Through this system, it is aimed to bring together the best quality mentor/tutor and the best mentee (gifted individual). It is the task of GiftEduPoint Team to minimize the damage caused by time, space and economic expenses by shooting to the right point. Our vision is to be at the forefront in selective innovative education solutions.

GiftEduPoint is a service that offers selective innovative solutions for educational needs. With its continuous and dynamic Mentor/Tutor Quality Rating System, it helps its customers to be in the right spot. It offers Supporting Products to all stakeholders of education with a developmental approach. Dynamic and constantly evolving Supervisory Mechanisms are used to provide an environment of trust. It is a platform that meticulously carries out R&D Studies with its expert team. This platform; It offers the right match for your child or yourself with the Expert Mentor/Tutor Staff trained by GiftEduPoint Team. You can meet your educational needs through one-to-one or distance education. In talent development, you can gain knowledge and experience on the platform for the right direction.

GiftEduPoint Team 

London, UK