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1st International Congress on Gifted Young Scientists Education (ICGYSE) Proceedings Book ebook

Journal for the Gifted Young Scientists Education (JEGYS) founded in 2013, has started to bediscussed in “Gifted Young Scientists Education” concept in academic world. The ultimate inscience education is for the education of gifted children. The problem of how gifted and also young scientists will be trained is the most important problem of education. Because the most important driving force in the progress of humanity are “gifted young scientists” . ICGYSE will be the first congress where all problems related to the education of gifted scientists will be discussed. The models, research and opinions of future trends of gifted young scientists education who study on academicians in this field will be shared regularly on this platform every year. Association for Young Scientists and Talent Education (AYSTE) supports ICGYSE. The education of the normals of the future is the education of today's gifted children. That is why future education systems in the education of gifted children can look more confident in their future.

The papers appearing in this book compose the proceedings of the technical conference cited on the cover and title page of this volume. Papers were selected by the organising committee to be presented in oral or poster format, and were subject to review by the programme committee.

Editor: Assoc. Prof. Hasan Said Tortop

e-ISSN:  978-605-06640-1-0

Publisher : Young Wise (Genç Bilge) Publishing

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